Without sugar bar-b-que Sauces : exemplary honey bar-b-que sauce

sweetgreen has recently sent off its colder time of year menu and it includes the brand’s delectable interpretation of an exemplary honey bar-b-que sauce.

The fresh out of the box new bar-b-que was made by double cross world bar-b-que champion and pioneer behind Chicago’s Lillie’s Q, Culinary expert Charlie McKenna. McKenna’s interpretation of an exemplary honey bar-b-que sauce is made utilizing clean-name fixings like honey and date syrup, and is totally liberated from refined sugars, corn starch and different thickeners, and counterfeit additives. The outcome is a smokey, tart, and somewhat sweet bar-b-que sauce that made the ideal matching for the brand’s colder time of year menu. Utilized in good dishes like the bar-b-que Chicken + Squash Plate and the Simmered bar-b-que Squash side dish, the new bar-b-que sauce is a flavorful expansion to sweetgreen’s colder time of year menu.

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