Japaleño Popper Pizzas : Japaleño Popper Pizza

Things are warming up over at Cheerful Joe’s Pizza and Frozen yogurt with the send off of the fresh out of the box new’s Japaleño Popper Pizza.

Accessible now through February 15, 2023, the new Japaleño Popper Pizza is a zesty contribution that consolidates the best of pizza with jalapeño poppers. The cross breed dish began with new pizza mixture finished off with a cream cheddar base imbued with genuine jalapeño juice finished off with crunchy potatoes. The entire situation is then gotten done with a mix of 100 percent genuine cheeses, smoky bacon, and jalapeño cuts. As Blissful Joe’s Leader, President, and Boss Joy Official, Tom Sacco, put in a public statement: “With the blend of quite possibly of America’s most famous canapé — the jalapeño popper — and our skill for making extraordinary tasting and creative food, we realize this new pizza will put a grin on the entirety of our visitors’ countenances.”

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