Alcoholic Sweet Teas : Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea

Bojangles has quite recently collaborated with another Carolina-conceived, Appalachian Mountain Bottling works (AMB), to send off a drunkard sweet tea called ‘Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea.’

Bojangles’ sweet tea – formally called ‘Unbelievable Chilled Tea Sweet – is a fan-most loved drink that comprises of ice tea soaks the old-style way and improved with genuine raw sweetener. Presently, the brand has enrolled the assistance of AMB to make a boozy, yet simple drinking variant. Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea will be accessible as of Walk 2023 that will convey a similar sweet tea taste fans know and love, however with a heavy drinker contort.

And keeping in mind that Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea won’t really be accessible from Bojangles eateries, you will actually want to find it at Circle K, Sheetz, Harris Waver, Walmart, and different stores across North and South Carolina.

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