Versatile Ice Producer Coolers : EcoFlow Ice sheet

The EcoFlow Glacial mass versatile fridge is a high-level interpretation of the exemplary cooler that is ideally suited for lifting the experience for devoted campers and beachgoers the same. The unit includes a module battery pack alongside an ice producer and offers adequate space to assist with keeping food or beverages at the ideal temperature consistently. The fridge unit is equipped for making 18 ice 3D squares in 12 minutes, while the 297Wh battery is appraised to convey as long as 24 hours of persistent use.

The EcoFlow Glacial mass versatile cooler is designed with fast cooling innovation that will rapidly decrease the temperature inside and keep it there proficiently. The unit offers absolute control through the going with cell phone application and furthermore upholds direct sunlight-based charging to keep it running anyplace.

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