Fruity Cabernet-Imbued Cheeses : Ubriaco al Cabernet

Hardly any things go together as well as wine and cheddar, which is the reason Merchant Joe’s new Ubriaco al Cabernet is the ideal mix of fixings.

Merchant Joe’s new Ubriaco al Cabernet is a wine-implanted cheddar made by taking wheels of velvety cheddar and punching holes in them, and afterward maturing them in a combination of dry Cabernet wine and grape marc (which is squashed grape skins) for no less than eight months. The openings in the cheddar help to absorb the wine, which gives the cheddar a strong flavor and firm surface. Concerning the flavor, you can expect a fruity and ready flavor profile with delicately fiery Cabernet noticed that give “each nibble a sweeping set-up of flavors that is a piece like partaking in a fine wine and fine cheddar simultaneously,” Broker Joe’s makes sense of.

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