Week by week Tex-Mex Dinner Missions : Fajita Fridays

Old El Paso is empowering purchasers to integrate Fajita Fridays into their week by week feast plan as a method for causing a ruckus and energize a touch of energy during supper. The drive comes as a feature of the brand’s Feast Clearly and Glad mission, which is being stumbled into virtual entertainment stages, radio, Spotify and video-on-request in the UK. The mission is sending off close by another association with Coca-Cola that will offer unique offers and packages for customers to exploit.

Head of Dinners at General Factories Aditi Hilgers remarked on new Old El Paso Fajita Fridays drive expressing, “Our through-the-line crusade puts a focus on the genuine clamor that happens when we accumulate around the table with Old El Paso – we need to draw in and urge more customers to find the dynamic quality of a Mexican feast and transform their next finish of week dinner into a Fajita Friday!”

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