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Godshall’s is launching the ‘All-Natural Uncured Canadian Turkey Bacon,’ a thick-cut bacon made from US-produced turkeys. The bacon boasts a delectable real wood-smoked flavor with hints of hickory and applewood. In addition, it is gluten-free and contains no MSG or nitrates. Interested consumers can visit Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. to purchase the savory bacon packs, which are priced at $8.94 per unit.

“To date, Canadian Turkey Bacon has been a niche subcategory, with only Godshall’s and one other company producing it,” said Francis Yupangco, Godshall’s executive director of marketing. “The launch into Sam’s Club will be the first time that Canadian Turkey Bacon is available nationwide. With Godshall’s being the third largest turkey bacon brand in America, we anticipate that this new product will become an instant hit with consumers looking for a delicious and hearty bacon alternative.”

Image Credit: Godshall’s

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