Textured Brick London Homes : nw10

Local design studio Platform 5 Architects designs the new NW10 House that sits on top of an infill site in North London and is home to a family. The design language highlights concrete interiors and has a textured brick design at the exterior sides of the house. It rests along the corner of what was formerly a builder’s yard. Now, it is a three-story home that boasts a unique and irregular structure.

Patrick Mitchell, who is a partner at the studio speaks to Dezeen about the triangular space, he states that “The form of the proposal had to be carefully considered in perspective so that the width of the house to the rear would not dominate the slim front facade in views from the street. I find these anomaly sites of particular interest as they present an opportunity for individualistic, quirky designs that enliven the street scene by creating a counterpoint to their more conventional neighbours.”

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