Sustainable Mocktail Teas : cloud catcher mocktail

The ‘Cloud Catcher Mocktail’ from Nordqvist Tea is a sustainable mocktail tea packaged in a recyclable bag. The bag is made out of a mix of recyclable materials and number seven plastic. While number seven plastic is not universally recyclable, many major cities in North America do process this plastic.

The Cloud Catcher Mocktail tea makes numerous servings of mocktail per bag, as one mocktail only requires one to two tablespoons of the mixture based on the size of the cup. This means customers can expect anywhere between six to ten cups per bag. This is quite affordable, given that one bag retails for only $8.44 USD. Additionally, the Cloud Catcher Mocktail can be made with either hot 90-degree water or made ice cold with fruit pieces for a refreshing summer mocktail.

Image Credit: Nordqvist Tea

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