Singer-Backed Melanin Skincare : john legend 1

R&B singer John Legend is launching a new skincare line called ‘Loved01,’ designed to treat “melanin-rich skin.” The brand was created with the help of renowned dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye, who specializes in taking care of melanated skin. ‘Loved01’ will stock face and body products made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The first line comprises a face and body wash, shave cream, and exfoliating cleanser, face and body moisturizer, and toning mist.

“We hope to help democratize the beauty space by offering high-quality products at an accessible price point. Everyone deserves to be seen, represented, and provided with the tools to love themselves, starting with healthy skin,” said John Legend in a statement.

Image Credit: Loved01

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