Recyclable Bagged Mocktails : gin twist

Walton Wood Farms launched the ‘Gin Twist’ mocktail drink mix kit. This kit is packaged in a single bag which is 100% recyclable. This means consumers can feel good about their purchase for more than one reason. A single Gin Twist bag offers enough ingredients for 22 servings, customers need only add soda water or tonic water. Additionally, for customers who prefer alcoholic cocktails, this drink mix works with a variety of liquors, including rum, tequila, gin, and more.

The Gin Twist is made with sugar, citric acid, tangerine juice, cherry, goji berries, lime oil, cane syrup, and more. Walton Wood Farm’s Gin Twist retails for $19.99 CAD through the MyOtherChild third-party website. However, shipping is charged for small orders under $150.

Image Credit: Walton Wood Farm

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