Minimal Outdoor Lounge Chairs : bask lounge

Bask Outside designs a new iteration of the Adirondack chair in a more contemporary angle — introducing the Bask Lounge Chair that joins outdoor furniture brand Tupelo’s roster. It is made from a durable polyethylene material, which is the same material that is used to create whitewater kayaks and heavy-duty coolers.

The chair boasts a minimal structural look that is perfect for different environments. It is designed with thoughtful touches and can join a patio, fire pit, or by the ledge of a pool. The body of the seating solution is a unibody look that can be wiped down or hosed down simply with water and soap for easy maintenance as well. It has armrests on the side and can even be inside of the bool with up to 11″ in depth.

Image Credit: Tupelo

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