Contemporary Racing Simulators : drivepod

Studio Casti designs the new DrivePod, which is a home-based racing simulator that boasts modern design themes to suit the space of most interiors. The simulation has a display that is framed by a champagne-tonal rounded edge and complete with its own F1 steering wheel that sticks out from a column,

The structure hides all of the wires and plugs for a clean look, as well as hardware that comes to keep it out of sight. The frame is attached to a bright blue chair, which is the driver’s seat and it rests on two rails in order for the chair to be able to slide front and black to get in and out of the simulator. It includes realistic elements including a “hydraulic pedal set, a race bucket seat, a real six-point harness, and a removable steering wheel.”

Image Credit: Studio Casti

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