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Weber is launching its 2023 lineup of smart pellet grills, griddles, and a compact electric unit. First in the lineup is the ‘SmokeFire’ smart pellet grill, an advanced grill equipped with Sear+ technology for searing and cooking larger cuts of meat. The folding top cooking grate can be removed for easy cleaning and extra capacity, and there are also hooks for exterior storage. Weber also recently released griddle inserts for its ‘Genesis’ and ‘Spirit’ gas grills, some of which come with Weber Connect.

Finally Weber is launching the ‘Lumin,’ compact electric grill. In 15 minutes, according to Weber, Lumin may be prepared for high-heat searing. Grill controls are condensed into four settings: grill, smoke, steam, and warm. Each mode’s corresponding accessory is also available.

Image Credit: Weber

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