Heartfelt Ruby Chocolate Bars : ruby chocolate bar

Beato Chocolates, a brand launched by Ojai organizers Heather Stobo and Lisa Casoni, flaunts a 100 percent ruby chocolate bar, with perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. Energetically named the Dance of the 89 Positions Chocolate Bar, this item easily joins mouth-watering feel, lively visual communication, and — probable — a heavenly encounter. The covering of the ruby chocolate bar sports a paper composition, planned by Beatrice Wood. The craftsman uncovers that The Dance of the 89 Positions is “another game, where the victor is he who can devise the most difference in pose. Extremely supportive for the people who have rigititus in bed.”

For the people who could now be aware of pink-shaded chocolates, the ruby chocolate bar was presented first in 2017 and “is promoted as the fourth sort of chocolate close by dim, milk, and white chocolate.”

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