Chilled Vehicle Display areas : chilled vehicle display area

Yet again polestar is developing and shocking shoppers and brands the same with the presentation of its new enactment — a chilled vehicle display area. The construction is basically a shape that ascents to 12 meters in level. Altogether made from ice, the Cold Circle display area brags two-meter-thick walls ice. A couple of ice models of vehicle parts likewise improve the experience.

The noteworthy shape was built in Rovaniemi, Finland by Frozen Development, in a joint effort with Polestar and the Cold Plan Week. Martin Österberg, Polestar Finland’s Showcasing Director, makes sense of that “the decision of building material was simple because of the area and our longing to utilize roundabout materials: obviously, it must be worked from snow.” People can remove a vehicle from the chilled vehicle display area for a test cruise all over a Cold Circle course.

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