70s-Themed Agreeable Menswear : kean etro

Etro’s most current Imaginative Chief Marco De Vincenzo steps in and dispatches his first menswear assortment intended for the Spring/Summer 2023 season. The new reach is brimming with reviving looks that ignore the light from Kean Etro to Marco. The topics originate from the 70s for a retro subject and a considerable lot of the things are produced using merino fleece materials, seen developing jumpers and pullovers.

Talking about the idea of the new Etro man, the inventive overseer of the engraving Marco De Vincenzo noticed that “He is a man who joins private and public. A large portion of the outfits are a mix of something truly agreeable, and yet look unpredictable. I can’t track down a word to depict this mix, however this is the way in to my future in the brand

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