Sporty EV Concept Designs : Lexus RZ Sport Concept

The Lexus RZ Sport Concept was shown off at the Tokyo Auto Salon as a decidedly sporty transportation solution designed with style and efficiency in mind. The vehicle is based on the brand’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV) and has been customized with the supervision of race car driver Masahiro Sasaki. The vehicle is outfitted with 150kW high-output front and rear motors, while also sitting 35mm closer to the ground for better cornering and overall handling.

The Lexus RZ Sport Concept also features a set of larger diameter tires, custom-made aerodynamic parts and seats that mimic the racing car style. The vehicle is finished with the Hakugin paint color that’s achieved with a pure white base along with a delicately shiny texture and a touch of blue to signify its BEV form.

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