Slick Minimalist Coffee Machines : minimalist coffee machine

This minimalist coffee machine was designed by the Italian industrial designer Odo Fioravanti for the espresso machine manufacturer Moak. The style of this product is truly unique, setting the bar high for kitchen appliance aesthetics. Dubbed ‘CJ’ (short for ‘Coffee Jockey), the machine combines a minimalist and modernist silhouette with hints of brutalist charm. Odo Fioravanti’s design is available in two pastel colors—sage green and cream—which adds to the visual appeal of the kitchen counter.

The minimalist coffee machine is comprised of “various geometric shapes that are put together into something simple and beautiful.” The designer strategically decided to enhance some elements. For example, the slick water tank is quite big which adds both function and stylish intrigue to the experience. The machine can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Image Credit: Moak

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