All-Electric Vehicle Multiverse Ads : New World. Same Energy

New World. Same Energy. is the name of Acura’s brand-new 2023 campaign and for its marketing strategy, the company taps the multiverse. In terms of branding, the virtual world has been deemed “the fight that keeps on giving.”

With its 2023 New World. Same Energy. campaign, Acura spotlights its all-electric vehicle offerings. The focus is placed on a 60-second video, directed by Dave Meyers, and set to Mötley Crüe’s ‘Live Wire.’ The sequence shows viewers six different realities. It begins in the Future-Verse with the 2023 TLX Type S. Next up is the Racer-Verse with Acura’s ARX-06 electrified race car. The Anime-Verse boasts Chiaki, followed by the 2023 MDX Type S in the Joneses-Verse and the 2023 RDX in the Lunar-Verse. The video finishes off with the EV-verse “where all the various worlds merge.”

Image Credit: Acura

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