Oak-Aged Tamari Sauces : Tamari sauce

The Oak-Aged Tamari sauce by Acid League is a sure way to elevate your culinary creations with salty, deep, and roasted flavor nuances with a hint of sweet vanilla. Guaranteeing “an extra kick of umami,” the brand recommends this recipe for Salmon Donburi, Seared Steak, and Fried Rice in particular. The ingredients of the tamari sauce are sourced from an expert artisanal producer in Japan’s Aichi prefecture. It is aged in-house after the rich tamari is “brewed with water from the mountains of Toyota.”

Acid League’s Oak-Aged Tamari sauce is another mouthwatering addition to the brand’s roaster of high-quality and unique culinary products. The packaging is slick, elegant, and contemporary, staying true to Acid League’s visual language.

Image Credit: Acid League

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