new Thai Basil Chicken Bowl

Leading stir-fry bowl concept BD’s Mongolian Grill is kicking off 2023 with some delicious new offerings including the flavorful Thai Basil Chicken Bowl.

Perfect for helping guests looking for healthy yet flavorful choices for the new year, BD’s latest offerings are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and packed with protein. For instance, the new Thai Basil Chicken Bowl starts with a bed of cauliflower rice, cilantro, and crispy fried garlic, all topped with chicken, sugar snap peas, green onion, black pepper, and scratch-made Thai Basil Lime sauce. As BD’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregg Majewski, says, “The Thai Basil Bowl is a great option for those looking for healthy dishes at the start of the year. The fresh ingredients and highest-quality protein are sure to make this dish a customer favorite.”

Image Credit: BD’s Mongolian Grill

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