Handmade Wooden Home Accessories : Handmade wooden home accessories

Connected Goods’ new range includes a variety of handmade wooden home accessories that are exquisitely crafted and affordable once you take into consideration the expert craftsmanship and skill that needs to go into an object of this kind.

The handmade wooden home accessories are among the brand’s new releases. One may really study the grain of walnut in the Walnut Incense Burner. Crafted in Morocco, the shape is geometrical and intriguing while the share carries a sense of comfort with it. The Walnut Wood Dish Set also embraces minimal design, the wood this time a slightly lighter shade. The Aglow Wooden Candlesticks come in seven different silhouettes and each is sold separately. The units are hand-carved in India and the attention to detail and the perfection of the line are truly mind-boggling.

Image Credit: Connected goods

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