Giftable Portuguese Tapas Kits : Portuguese tapas

Luisa-Paixão—the “best online shop of authentic Portuguese products”—gives consumers abroad the opportunity to taste the famous Portuguese tapas known as “Petiscos.” One of the ways that the brand makes this possible is through this Petiscos Portuguese Gift Set which is also quite aesthetically pleasing when you take a closer look at it. The packaging is captivating with its nostalgic graphics

The kit contains one can each of sardines in olive oil, sardines in olive oil and lemon, sardines in olive oil and tomato, mussels with escabeche, and mussels in hot sauce. Luisa-Paixão recommends accompanying these canned products with lightly toasted fresh bread and white wine. If one wants to get as close to the authentic Portuguese tapas experience as possible, the Portuguese Vinho Verde is strongly encouraged.

Image Credit: Luisa-Paixão

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