DIY Backyard Office Kits : DIY Traveler Series Kit

Coexist Build debuted the DIY Traveler Series Kit with the intention of promoting a better, more holistic approach to work-life balance. Recognizing the fast-paced environment of the 21st century and the growth of workers who work remotely, the architect-led firm wanted to mitigate this.

The DIY Traveler Series Kit is essentially a versatile mini-structure that can be easily built in someone’s backyard as a home office, studio, or even as a cabin retreat. The product is designed with “optimal performance, comfort, and health” in mind and features Coexist Build’s one-of-a-kind hempcrete/hemp-lime insulation. The connection between the outdoor natural environment and the interior of the structure is emphasized.

Coexist Build boasts two options for its DIY Traveler Series Kit—one with a cedar facade and hemp blocks interior and one with a metal facade and hemp blocks interior.

Image Credit: Coexist Build

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