Contemporary Cat Cafes : Tristy of the CATS

Tristy of the CATS is a modern cat cafe, located in Tianzifang, Shanghai. The design, which is a stylish and cozy “haven for cats and cat lovers,” was headed by the Chinese design studio Parallect Design. The practice focused on evoking form, minimalism, and playfulness through its choice of color palette and materials like European ashwood. The aesthetic is also described as “free-flowing.”The space seamlessly incorporates “wooden ladders, cat houses, and little pathways which the cats use to scamper and play around throughout the day.” Emphasis is placed on modern sensibilities here, of course, in order to achieve a welcoming and intriguing visual aesthetic for the establishment.”

Tristy of the CATS also incorporates wallpapers that offer interesting backdrops to visitors as they take photographs with the cats.

Image Credit: Parallect Design

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