Comprehensive Tortilla-Making Sets : Tortilla-making set

Masienda boasts a comprehensive tortilla-making set for the culinary enthusiast. The CORNucopia Kit is said to “contain everything but the tortillas.”

The bundle is sure to make one an expert in the intricate craftsmanship of tortillas. The set contains six key products. One is the Doña Rosa Tortilla Press—a best-selling item, hailing from the heart of Oaxaca’s Central de Abastos. The MASA book joins the press with a slew of cooking instructions and techniques that will help individuals on their culinary quest. Masienda includes two 2.2 lb bags of its finely ground Heirloom Corn Massa Harina—one featuring white and the other boasting blue corn. Finally, the tortilla-making set is complete with a Carbon Steel Comal and a Cotton Tortilla Warmer Pouch.

Image Credit: Masienda

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