Award-Winning THC Drinks : Pure beauty

Contrary to what you might think, Pure Beauty is not a cosmetic or skincare brand—it is an independent cannabis business based in Los Angeles. The company sets itself apart from other cannabis vendors through its well-curated youthful branding that utilizes a strong art direction and attention to detail.

One of Pure Beauty’s key offerings is the Little Strong Drink. This is 100 mg of Live Resin THC in a 2.2 oz glass bottle that can be recycled after use. The brand lists all of its ingredients. The Little Strong Drink features Concord Grapes from the Yakima Valley, Cardamom, Ashwagandha, and Egyptian Hibiscus. It is perhaps the careful selection of ingredients that makes this beverage award-winning. In 2022, Pure Beauty’s Little Strong Drink was recognized with the Emerald Cup in the category of Edible Beverage.

Image Credit: Pure Beauty

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