Angular Modern Lake Houses : modern lake house

A 6,700-square-foot modern lake house draws attention to itself on Lake Memphremagog in Magog, Canada. The newly built structure is the result of the collaborative efforts between MU Architecture and JS Bourdages Architecture. The home is called the Memphremagog Lake Residence.

Key features of the home include an indoor “wooden fragmented ceiling,” an open living space with a strong contemporary aesthetic, an elevated pool, and a series of outdoor spaces, some of which are “partially covered, for relaxing [and] entertaining.” The highly luxurious modern lake house has an irregular shape and an angular aesthetic. When determining the form of the residence, the architects drew inspiration from the unfolded wing of a bird. Views to the outside are maximized through a fully glazed facade.

Image Credit: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

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