World’s Hottest Cream Cheese : World’s Hottest Cream Cheese

Philadelphia is introducing a new, limited-edition ghost pepper cream cheese called “A Little Taste of Hell” for those who crave an irreplaceable experience. The cream cheese is 208x hotter than jalapeños and is considered one of the spiciest cream cheeses in Canadian history. This new product is an answer to the trend of Millennials and Gen-Zs seeking spicy foods more than any other generation. Philly’s A Little Taste of Hell™ is part of a larger goal to spark conversation and strengthen the bond with adventurous spice-lovers through a unique, sensorial experience.

The A Little Taste of Hel cream cheese is exclusively available in Toronto for one day only on Friday, January 13th via Uber Eats, and is available while supplies last. Philadelphia is also encouraging fans to share what city they’d like to see this new product in next.

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