Little Labels, Big Impact campaign

The ‘Little Labels, Big Impact’ campaign has been launched by the Fairtrade America, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and The Non-GMO Project nonprofit organizations in a bid to help raise awareness for third-party certification labels.

The campaign is focused on encouraging shoppers to keep their eyes open for third-party certification labels on the products they’re perusing at their local stores. This will ensure that they only pick up products that are in line with their values and will contribute to a better overall approach to essential goods. The initiative could help to make shoppers more aware of the designations that many products today now feature.

US Program Director at MSC Nicole Condon spoke on the ‘Little Labels, Big Impact’ campaign saying, “A lot of dedicated time and effort went into those labels — from the harvesters to the auditors, to the brands themselves — so that shoppers have a clear option to shop their values among products with trusted third-party verification. Looking for these three labels is a great way to start the new year on a positive foot, for both people and the planet.”

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