Convenient Grab-and-Go Candy Cups : Bonds Shaker Cups

These new Bonds Shaker Cups have been created by Hancocks as a series of convenient candy products perfect for shoppers to pick up as a convenient way to enjoy some of their favorites.

The products include a series of gummy candies and dizzy candies, which are positioned as a more hygienic option when compared to pick-and-mix alternatives. The products include the Gummy Meerkats, Giant Strawbs and Dracula Teeth within the gummy range, while the fizzy options come in Fizzy Bubblegum, Green Cola Bottles and Fizzy Cherries. The products are priced at £2.50 per cup.

Marketing Communications Manager at Hancocks Chris Smith spoke on the new Bonds Shaker Cups saying, “We always make sure we’re providing our customers with new and exciting products and the Bonds Shaker Cups have always been a favourite.”

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