Classic Motocycle-Inspired Electric Bikes : e-bike design 1

Honda introduces a new range of e-bike designs rooted in design inspiration from iconic motorcycle styles. The electric approach retains elements of the original model when it was crafted to run on fuel. Now, it only stays put for visual and aesthetic purposes.

The series is made up of the Honda Cub e:, Dax e:, and Zoomer e:, the latter is inspired by teh international name of the Ruckus, which is Zoomer. Every bike is able to hit a maximum speed of 25 km/hr which follows the govermnet regulations in China. The “Cub e: is built with a ternary lithium battery and boats a cruising range of 65 km (40 miles); the Dax e: offers a range of over 80 km (50 miles); and the Zoomer e: yields up to 90 km (56 miles) of range.”

Image Credit: Honda

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