Carl’s Jr. Wine Pairing Bundle

To celebrate the return of its immensely popular A.1. Double Cheeseburger, Carl’s Jr. is also bringing back its Carl’s Jr. Wine Pairing Bundle.

Created in collaboration with Nocking Point Wines, the Carl’s Jr. Wine Pairing Bundle allows you to bring the fine dining experience of a wine pairing home for an evening in. The new Wine Pairing Bundle includes two wines: “Blend Your Happy” Red Blend and Nocking Point Wines’ Origins Pinot Noir. Both wines have been specially selected to pair with Carl’s Jr.’s A.1. Double Cheeseburger. As Owen Klein, parent company CKE Restaurants VP of Global Culinary Innovation, explained in a recent press release: “After the busy holidays, there is no better time to sit back and relax with a mouth-watering cheeseburger and a glass of red wine. The Carl’s Jr. Wine Pairing Bundle allows consumers to replicate a fine dining experience for an unbeatable price and the ability to enjoy on a night in.”

The Carl’s Jr. Wine Pairing Bundle is available now and can only be purchased from

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