Bulletproof Workwear Styles : Bulletproof Everyone Armored Carhartt

The Bulletproof Everyone Armored Carhartt garments are a series of decidedly subtle clothing options constructed with durability and protection in mind. The garments include the Hoodie and Jacket, which are both constructed with ballistic plates within front and back panels to provide protection from bullets at the most pertinent areas. The 600-denier coated nylon inner cover has a UV and water-resistant construction to boot.

The Bulletproof Everyone Armored Carhartt garments are constructed with subtly in mind to offer ample protection despite the ballistic nature of the styles. Priced starting at $469, the garments come in a full size run from small up to XXXL and come in navy blue, black, gray and green colors to choose from.

Image Credit: Bulletproof Everyone

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