Rustic Wooden Coolers : canadian flag cooler

Backyard Expressions launched a 567Quart Canadian Flag Cooler for outdoor patios and lawns. The cooler itself can hold up to 64 cans and bottles including ice to keep the drinks cold. The cooler also comes with a plugged drainage spout to simplify the process of draining out melted ice when the party is over. While the exterior of the cooler is made out of wood, the interior is lined with an insulated layer of galvanized steel to keep drinks as cold as possible while preventing damage to the wooden frame.

The cooler has a unique rustic design with a Canadian flag painted directly into the wooden front panel, which gives the cooler an authentic, homemade-style look. Backyard Expressions’ 57 Quart cooler is perfect for social events, such as barbecues, outdoor parties, or cottage getaways.

Image Credit: Backyard Expressions

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