Panoramic Holographic Displays : holo panorama x

‘XORBIS,’ a South Korean innovation and design lab, showcased the ‘Holo-Panorama X’ at CES 2023. This is a wrap-around, angular display with full 3D hologram technology. This display offers full 360-degree immersion with capabilities of displaying augmented reality, virtual reality, 360-degree videos, most other video formats, and 3D renders in their native forms without requiring that the user wear a headset.

The Holo-Panorama X uses a cone-shaped screen that translates a static image into the illusion of a hologram. This is caused by the reflection angles on the clear cone screen. KiMyong Lee, a 3D Software Engineer at XORBIS, explained the video transformation process, stating “We reform the imagine in the video as a wide map and warp it by compressing the texture on the top and using the original pixels on the bottom,” showing that the image is seamlessly transformed into a full wraparound 3D display.

Image Credit: XORBIS

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