Hand-Dyed Spring Streetwear : Stüssy spring/summer

The new Stüssy Spring/Summer 2023 range has been unveiled for the mid-season and it highlights an exciting new approach through its color palette. The garments are hand-dyed for a unique aesthetic, complete with the help of Niki Tsukamoto of dyehouse Lookout & Wonderland.

He last worked together with the imprint on a custom set of Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker model that has been hand-dipped for an artful look. His expertise in color is now applied to the seasonal collection as seen on the Stüssy denim work jacket and the Big Ol’ Jean to a bright statement piece. Every single item will be unique on its own due to the hand-dyed treatments and one-of-a-kind design.

Image Credit: Stüssy

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