Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Bananas : Real Frozen Bananas

The Pukpip Real Frozen Bananas are a satisfying yet more health-conscious dessert perfect for consumers to choose when seeking a sweet treat in place of conventional ice cream treats. The product is available in the UK and consists of bananas that have been frozen at the peak of ripeness before being dipped in chocolate. Shoppers can choose from three flavors including Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate, which each come in boxes of three servings priced at £3.99.

Managing Director Zara Gugen commented on the Pukpip Real Frozen Bananas saying, “With tighter HFSS regulation, we’re also giving retailers more opportunities to stock healthier, HFSS-compliant options for consumers which still prioritise taste. We want to give consumers the best of both worlds; an easy way to enjoy more fruit and indulge in a permissible chocolate treat, enabling them to feel good about their choices.”

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