Ultra-Minimalist Electric Bikes : Detroit Bikes Electric DB-E

The Detroit Bikes Electric DB-E is an unexpectedly sleek, minimalist bike style created with a comfortable riding experience in mind to help commuters and leisure riders alike maximize their capabilities.

The electric bike maintains a rigid frame that puts a Zehus motor, hub and battery right in plain sight on the rear wheel. The European-made motor is capable of delivering up to 250W of pedal assistance with speeds up to 15.5mph, while the battery pack is rated for up to 20-miles of range per charge or up to 35-miles on Eco mode.

The Detroit Bikes Electric DB-E comes in small, medium and large frame sizes to choose from, and weighs in at just 32-pounds. The bike is priced at $2,599 and is expected to start being delivered in March.

Image Credit: Detroit Bikes

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