Modern Water Tower Apartments : water tower apartments

A series of water tower apartments now exist in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Created by the Dutch studio Zecc Architecten, these apartments certainly offer a unique and elevated residence that many may find quite appealing.

The original structure—known as Amsterdamsestraatweg Water Tower—was a 19th-century water tower. Listed as a national monument, the tower had unfortunately degraded as no one was taking care of it. In 2012, the building was bought by a private client. Zecc Architecten spoke about the challenges associated with this project. Some of the main obstacles were “creating good daylight openings, a beautiful outdoor area with a view of the Dom [Tower] and good access with a lift and safe stairwell,” as the firm stated.

There is a total of three water tower apartments, with the largest one occupying the top level.

Image Credit: Stijn Poelstra Fotografie & Video on behalf of Zecc Architecten

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