Limited-Edition New Year Milkshakes : new Shake Shack shakes

These new Shake Shack shakes are being launched for the new year to offer patrons a delicious option to enjoy as a post-meal dessert or an impromptu treat-like snack.

The shakes come in the form of the Dreamsicle Shake and the Tiramisu Shake, which are both focused on achieving a satisfying flavor using premium ingredients. The Dreamsicle Shake is crafted with a blend of vanilla and blood orange frozen custard before being toped with whipped cream and crushed orange candies to mimic the flavor of orange ice cream bars. The Tiramisu Shake boasts tiramisu frozen custard that boasts notes of mascarpone and coffee, while the topping of whipped cream is accented with cocoa powder and a lady finger.

Image Credit: Shake Shack

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