Intricately Layered Textural Footwear : triple stitch sneaker

Mr. Bailey works in collaboration with ZEGNA on a new angle of the traditional Triple Stitch sneaker model for the season highlighting new colorway palettes. The new redesign of the shoe highlights the fine details as the Japanese wood preservation technique can be seen applied to the body of the upper. It is made from soft leather suede materials complete with a carbonized finish.

A reptilian theme can be seen in the form of the hand-applied midsole that wraps around the base. There is also a theme that nods to nature as the two looks to the Piedmont Mountains in Italy, which is notably where the Oasi Zegna nature reserve is. The sneaker colorways include the option of black, grey, white, and Vicuña orange, and those that are interested can sign up for the raffle online through its website now

Image Credit: ZEGNA, hypebeast, zegna

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