Delicate Colorful Vases : delicate colorful vase

delaO design studio just released a beautiful collection of delicate colorful vases that will make a great centerpiece for any interior design. The designs draw their inspiration from nature as the firm tapped the aesthetic of anemone—a group of marine invertebrates with striking, intricate, and vibrant appearances. The collection of delicate colorful vases is even named after them—the Anemona range—and the designs pay homage to these creatures’ color and translucency.

delaO design studio’ products are made by hand by skilled glassworkers, based in Mexico City. The primary material is tempted borosilicate glass. Additionally, the Anemona vases are stackable and one may create up to 26 different multi-colored compositions. This feature contributes with a chance for customization and a whimsical play on color, form, and transparency.

Image Credit: delaO design studio

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