Book-Inspired Timber-Lined Cabins : hat house

London-based architect Tina Bergman designs the new Hat House located in the Swedish Mountains. It is a timber cabin that is complete with a steep pine-clad roof and named after a Swedish children’s book, where a group of children lives inside a giant hat. The cabin measures out to be 100 square feet and it is home to a family of five with their dog.

Bergman speaks about the design project, “I traveled to the site with my clients on an unusually warm weekend at the end of May: met with that intense green of new spring birch leaves and a nearly complete silence, our aim was to find a spot to place the building. We found it soon: a naturally formed clearing, withdrawn from the forest road, with views to the mountains and a lake to the south and west, and with yellow orchids growing in the east.”

Image Credit: Tina Bergman

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