Artisan Single-Serve Coffees : Rival Bros. Dripkit

The Rival Bros. Dripkit is being launched by DripKit in collaboration with Rival Bros. Coffee as a high-quality artisan coffee product perfect for consumers to enjoy anywhere.

The product features the Dripkit’s signature single-serve coffee brewer that’s filled with 17-grams of ground coffee that’s ready to be paired with hot water to craft a 10-ounce cup of coffee. The product comes in two flavors including Whistle & Cuss and Bourbon Barrel Aged to allow for coffeehouse-quality options at leisure.

DripKit Founder and CEO Ilana Kruger spoke on the Rival Bros. Dripkit saying, “I founded Dripkit with the belief that delicious, pour-over coffee can be an accessible and quick luxury. Our partnership with Rival Bros. enhances the flavour of our brand and offers another delicious way to enjoy our unique coffee format.”

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