All-Digital Pinball Machines : toyshock 21c Digital

Toyshock launched the Toyshock 21C Digital Haunted House and Black Hole 3D virtual pinball machine. This is a 12-in-1 pinball machine with a fully digital interface, rather than a physical analog one. This allows the machine to simulate numerous pinball games, whereas physical machines are limited to only the game they are constructed to play.

This virtual pinball game features network connectivity for leaderboards, online play, and potential network updates in the future. These updates could fix game issues and improve performance while also adding new games to the machine, though this is less likely as the company markets the item as a 12-in-1 machine.

While the machine is fully digital, it still features traditional LED displays on the back panel that display remaining balls, current game being played, and other critical game information that would be displayed on an authentic retro arcade cabinet.

Image Credit: Toyshock, 21C Digital

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