Protein-Rich Granola Lines : RxBar Granola

RxBar Granola has been launched as a new lineup of cereals perfect for health-conscious consumers to incorporate into their daily diet as a delicious and nutritious breakfast product. The granola comes in three flavors including Original, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, which each contains 10-grams of protein per serving thanks to egg whites and almonds or peanuts. The light, crispy texture of the granola makes it great for eating with milk, a dairy alternative or even added to a yogurt.

Senior Brand Manager Eileen Flaherty spoke on the new RxBar Granola saying, “Fans of RxBar trust us for our no B.S. approach to snacking and new RxBar Granola delivers on just that. Thanks to simple, protein-packed ingredients, RxBar Granola has an unbeatable crunch, flavor and texture that will fuel fans’ active lifestyles and upgrade their breakfast, lunch or snack game from here on out.”

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