Peeps 2023 Easter Marshmallow offerings

The Peeps 2023 Easter Marshmallow offerings have been debuted by the brand well ahead of the celebration as part of a lead-up that commemorates the brand’s 70th anniversary with a range of delicious treats.

The collection includes a number of treats that are sweet, but also introduces spicy and sweet & salty options to help draw in curios foodies. The product lineup includes several returning favorites and new indulgences perfect for gifting or simply keeping on hand to celebrate the occasion with family.

Brand Manager Caitlin Servian spoke on the Peeps 2023 Easter Marshmallow offerings saying, “From parents and grandparents passing down their Peeps traditions to little ones, to friends and families incorporating our adorable Chicks and Bunnies into seasonal recipes and crafts, it is truly heartwarming to witness the many ways our Marshmallow candies bring loved ones together. We’re excited to see how our devoted fans express their Peepsonality in 2023!”

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