Metabolism-Enhancing Platforms : Wearable and app

The wearable and app combination has certainly revolutionized the health and wellness industry, giving individuals, who have the ability to afford such technology, the opportunity to monitor and take control over their day-to-day well-being.

Signos is one such wearable and app combination. Focused on helping individuals create micro changes to optimize their diet, the platform helps users supercharge their metabolism. In order to get started, one needs to apply the wearable CGM (continuous glucose monitor) which tracks biodata in real-time and shares information about how your body reacts to different foods through an artificial intelligence-enhanced mobile application.

Signos markets its wearable and app innovation to the everyday American. The brand’s goal is to “provide a new way for people to act on their body’s unique response to what they eat to lose weight and kickstart a healthier life.”

Image Credit: Signos

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